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Our physical address is Command Services, Inc.

4176 Hwy 30
St. Gabriel, Louisiana 70776

(225) 642-3327 + Ext

Our Mailing Address Is

 P.O. Box 570 St. Gabriel, La 70776

Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Gaylord Brouillette Is The Owner Of Command Services, Inc.

Phone: (225) 642-3327 Ext 203

Fax: (225)642-3324   

Email: gbrouillette1@command-services.com

Rickey Esnard Is The Manager And Chief Estimator Of Command Services, Inc. 

      Phone:(225)642-3327 Ext: 202

Fax: (225) 642-3310

Email: resnard@command-services.com

Safety Director

, Human Resources, Inspection QA/QC & Blast Yard Manager Is

Paul Brouillette

Phone: (225) 642-3327 Ext: 206

Fax: (225)642-3324 

Cell: (225)405-2921  

Email: pbrouillette1@command-services.com

The Supervisor For Shipping, Receiving, & Blast Yard Supervisor Is Chris Fletcher

 Phone: (225) 642-3327 Ext: 205

Cell: (225)205-7767

Fax: (225)642-3324 

Email: cfletcher@command-services.com  

For Accounts Payable, Receivable & Payroll Information Contact Kelly Anderson

Phone: (225) 642-3327 Ext: 200

Fax: (225)642-3324

Email: kanderson@command-services.com

Our Field Supervisor Is Melvin Matte

Office: (225)642-3327 Ext 206

Cell: (225) 936-7227

Fax: (225) 642-3324

Email; jmatte@command-services.com

If you have questions or desire more information about Command Services, Inc., please leave your name and contact information.


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Customer Satisfaction, Safety & Quality Is Our # 1 Priority

Command Services, Inc.
4176 Hwy 30
St. Gabriel, Louisiana 70776
Phone: (225)642-3327

Full Service Sand-blasting And Painting Specialty Coating Contractor, Serving Baton Rouge and surrounding Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas areas in industrial specialty coatings and surface prep. Louisiana #1 Sand-blasting And Painting Contractor


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